National Energy Globe Award Austria

Submitted by: Gemeinnütziger Verein zum Schutz der Umwelt durch Entwicklung alternativer Energiekonzepte
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Plant Oil as Automotive Fuel

Biotrieb is a nonprofit association and helps to clear the hurdles relating to vegetable oils as automotive fuel. This requires guidance for the right choice of the car or support in providing vegetable oil. Biotrieb organizes seminars, workshops and lectures, helps in do-it-yourself adaptation, forms cooperations, tests vehicles and conducts research. Around 100 vehicles (mostly cars but also tractors) were converted to vegetable oil operation during the past three years of association work. Biotrieb developed and organized a vegetable oil distribution network. Biotrieb members store oil tanks in their garage and provide fuel to other members in their neighborhood.

Category: Air