National Energy Globe Award Germany (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Berliner Energieagentur GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: A shining example for other cities

The energy-saving partnership developed by the Energy Agency Berlin and Berlin’s senate administration for Municipal Development is a model for efficient energy-saving contracting. Target of the project is the improvement in the management of public buildings in regard to energy efficiency. The duplication potential for other cities is enormous. The municipality combines a number of buildings into a so-called pool. For example, in Berlin, such pools include town halls, schools, day-care nurseries and other public buildings. Private energy suppliers –the contractors – who also bring in their know-how finance the necessary investments. The savings achieved are divided equally between the contractors and the municipality and are refinanced by the saved energy costs. The contractor, who invests into energy conserving measures and oversees the building as long as designated by the contract, does the financing, planning, implementing and supervising. So both sides – the contractor and the client profits from the savings. The contracting concept offers even towns and cities with budget problems the chance to save energy. Berlin has thus become a shining example for other cities.

Category: Air