National Energy Globe Award Cameroon (overall winner)

Submitted by: Federation of Environmental and Ecological Diversity for Agricultural Revampment and Human Rights (F
Implemented country: Cameroon
Title: Biodiversity Conservation in Protected Forests

In 2005 this organization commenced a campaign to monitor illegal exploitation of protected forests, trade of threatened species, and their role in the diverse forests of the southwest of the Republic of Cameroon. The project aims at developing and equipping school environmental clubs where pupils will be able to interchange on environmental issues. However, theoretical aspects will also be realized, such as tree planting, continuation of environmental hygiene and sanitation, and the implementation of various environmental agreements. Furthermore the project aims to create awareness on climate change, its triggers and its consequences. So far 750 civil society organizations have been engaged in these topics. Improvements in working and living conditions have been achieved as well as a reduction of poverty.

Category: Youth