National Energy Globe Award Egypt (overall winner)

Submitted by: Ras Matarma Ecocity
Implemented country: Egypt
Title: Ras Matarma Ecocity

Ras Matarma ecocity is an ecological environmental project that enhances sustainable development, environmental conservation, economic power management and eco-tourism, protecting cultural ethnic heritage of secular Beduins in the Sinai desert. Badaweya Ecolodge is a pioneer eco-tourism project to be established by the Red sea as a continuation of the desert development of Tamr Henna ecovillage. Tamr Henna Ecovillage is a desert development project that aims to sustain the desert’s biodiversity by sustainable eco-village development, thus encouraging eco-tourism and agro-tourism. The project started in 1999 and the first phase was completed 2001. It was possible to develop 300 acres of desert land into olive orchard and palm tree oasis. The main target was to develop about 1000 acres and to build a number of farm eco-houses. Ras Matarma downtown is a new vision of an ecological and cultural marketplace where local products and cultural products can be shared by different cultures.

Category: Earth