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Submitted by: Gehrlicher Solar AG
Implemented country: Germany
Title: PV plant integrates power generation and shading

In the course of new construction in 2000 of the attorneys’ office Dr. Jockisch & Co. in Landshut (Bavaria, Germany), a 26 kWp (kilowatt peak) photovoltaic plant was installed and in 2001 it was connected to the local grid. The plant consists of two elements: a 10 kWp component on the façade and a 16 kWp elliptical PV roof component. In addition to supplying environmentally friendly solar power, the plant simultaneously serves to ideally shade the office and meeting rooms, which would otherwise be subjected to intense warming due to the largely glass façade. Annually the plant generates ca. 30,000 kWh of emission-free eco-energy.

Category: Fire