Submitted by: WRP (Pty) Ltd Water Resource Planning and Conservation Specialists
Implemented country: South Africa
Title: Sebokeng/Evaton Leakage Reduction Project

The Sebokeng Pressure Managment Public Private Partnership is the largest advanced pressure management installation in the world and has set a new dimension in small scale public private partnerships. The project involves a large pressure reduction installation which supplies water to almost 500.000 residents where the original level of water wastage was over 80 %. Following the commissioning of the installation, the water used in the area was reduced by over 10 million m3/annum representing a financial saving of approximately $ 6.000.000,00 per annum. The project was designed, developed, constructed and funded by the project team which receives approximately 15 % of the savings. The remaining 85 % goes to Emfuleni Local Municipality which had no financial risk at all. The project has helped to improve the lives of all residents, many of whom were initially receiving an intermittent water supply and now receive water 24 hours a day. The project also saves an estimated 12.000 tons of CO2 due to the pumping costs associated with all water supplied to the area. In effect it is one of the most significant water and energy saving projects of its type in the world. The project had a full pay-back of less than 2 months.

Category: Water