Implemented country: Philippines
Title: Rainwater harvesting system as practical option to impending water crisis

Increased demand due to population growth combines with the destruction and mismanagement of watersheds to signal an impending water crisis in the Philippines. Amecos Rainwater Harvesting System (ARHS) is a method of collecting, storing and processing rainwater for human consumption and use, utilizing innovative indigenous filtering materials and a piping system. ARHS provides freshwater at or near the point of its use, such as individual households or farms. Thus ARHS will reduce the demand on freshwater regularly supplied by water utility companies in urban areas or by groundwater wells and streams in the rural areas. ARHS seeks to put rainwater to good use for sustainability rather than waste this life-saving resource through devastating floods or natural runoff. The extensive, efficient and effective use of this RHS will promote not only water conservation but also sustainable development for this valuable resource.

Category: Water