Submitted by: SHIRAZ University, Department of Agricultural Economics
Implemented country: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Title: Optimization of agricultural water use via deficit irrigation

In recent years water demand management is considered as an important tool for achieving equilibrium among water demand, water supply and optimizing water use. In the agricultural sector of Iran this is particularly important because irrigation accounts for more than 90 percent of the water consumed in Iran. This study presents a model for the optimal utilization of irrigation water by means of deficit irrigation. Using this technique reduces irrigation water per unit of land and expands irrigated area. The study was conducted for major crops such as wheat, corn and sugar beets. Alternative levels of water use and corresponding yields were determined by estimating crop water response functions for each crop. The findings indicated that deficit irrigation decreases crop yield per hectare, but affects gross benefit differently. Comparison showed that in all models total gross margins with deficit irrigation are greater than with full irrigation

Category: Water