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Submitted by: NGO "We Shall Protect the future"
Implemented country: Russian Federation
Title: Legal protection toward ecological housing in Russia

In 1993 a group of residents of Novokuznetsk, Russia, formed an initiative against their harmful housing conditions. They secured an official decision that their apartment building was unfit. Then they made every effort to remove the residents to other buildings. In 1997 their NGO, We Shall Protect the Future, received legal status. The organization defended the rights of residents in court. Although people were moved to another building, the residences there were built of the same toxic materials used by a building organization on a large scale in the city. Today the NGO strives for ecologically favorable housing and protects human rights. Its Center for Protecting Rights was established in 2005. Its lawyers consult citizens on human rights, housing ecology, ecological and legal problems, and housing reform. The group provides legal services for free to low-income persons and pensioners.

Category: Earth