National Energy Globe Award Austria (Youth)
Regional Energy Globe Award Kärnten (Austria) (overall winner)

Submitted by: ÖKOLOG-Regional Team Kärnten ( 30 Schulen)
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Ecokids for Agenda 21

The community of Fresach (province of Carinthia, Austria) has many brooks and ponds. Therefore the elementary school in Fresach set the goal of consciously experiencing the environment with pupils and to integrate related actions in instruction at the school. Using water testing kits, the pupils regularly collect samples of these waters. In cooperation with experts, biological tests of the water are conducted. The waste water situation in the town and at the lakes in the region as well as the water supply in the community is also explained to the pupils. Likewise excursions, e.g., to the water treatment plant, are part of the declared environmental goals of the school. In physical and chemical experiments, the interrelationships are presented for children to understand. Posters, brochures, reports, etc. present their results and knowledge. The children document the consciousness-raising actions toward sustainability by means of digital photos and films.

Category: Youth