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National Energy Globe Award Sierra Leone (overall winner)

Submitted by: Africa Youth for Peace and Development Organization
Implemented country: Sierra Leone

The Mission of AYPAD Wire less Communications and Energy for Rural communities Program is to help eradicate the problem of inadequate access to ICT and Energy in Rural Communities Sierra Leone while providing employment for under employed youths and access to ICT and Energy in communities in the Rural Area of Sierra Leone. In many rural communities in Sierra Leone, there is limited access to communication neither as well as Energy. The tendency for use of communication to make calls, use the internet and providing Energy is increasingly high. Interest is the fact that 70% or more inhabitants used these sources to communicate with members aboard, nation wide or research by student, and energy at home. The inhabitants appear to be particular about their source of getting access to communication and Energy. There is absolute dependence therefore on going to approximately 50 miles or more to get access to communication while inhabitant use Candle and lamps for sources of Energy. Prompt and efficient services of Communication and Energy will be provided to our beneficiaries communities. The project was proposed after researches conducted by the organization to see exactly how many people due get access to Communication and Energy in rural communities.

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