National Energy Globe Award Portugal (overall winner)

Submitted by: Escola Superior Agraria de Coimbra
Implemented country: Portugal
Title: Environmental Management and Audit Implementation at Complex School

Emas@School is applying environmental management tools such as environmental management systems, environmental audits and life cycle assessment to a complex and highly diversified institution that closely resembles a democratic society. The project is reducing environmental impact, improving overall management, and reducing raw material and energy consumption, thereby increasing organizational sustainability. This requires the development of new approaches that are more participative and systematic and based on the industrial ecology philosophy of complementary nature of activities. The project had a significant role in improving environmental performance, legal compliance for the sustainable use of energy and raw materials, and increasing ecosystem value. Emas@School increased the level of inside knowledge about internal functioning and made the stakeholders more self-aware, proud and committed to the institution, increasing the overall performance and especially the quality of the final product, ESAC’s graduate students.

Category: Youth