National Energy Globe Award Slovakia (overall winner)

Submitted by: BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities
Implemented country: Slovakia
Title: Integrated Logistic for the Use of Biomass Energy in Slovakia

Creation of a sustainable market for biomass energy for heat generation in Slovakia, GHG emission reduction, and promotion of renewable energy sources adoption in Slovakia were the main goals of Biomasa Association. In this project a new plant for pellet production was built and 44 boilers in schools and other public buildings were converted from fossil fuels to pellets. The project presents a complex solution for the implementation of biomass heating and establishment of the market for wood pellets in Slovakia. The project solves production and consumption of pellets as one integrated unit and was enabled through the strong partnership at local and regional levels that were established within Biomasa Association. The project was located predominantly in northwest Slovakia and was financed multinationally through several grants.

Category: Fire