Submitted by: Chairgroup Aquaculutre and Fisheries Animal Science Department Wageningen University Dr. Marc Verdeg
Implemented country: Netherlands
Title: Program for Optimization of Nutrient Dynamics in Fishponds

Feed the pond to grow the fish in an efficient and sustainable way is what POND discovered. Pond aquaculture produces a major share of world fish consumption, but uses nutrients inefficiently. Ponds managed by Wageningen University and partners from Europe, Asia and South-America studied nutrient dynamics of the fishpond. POND showed that sustainable production of fish is important not only for the provision of high quality protein to consumers but also for the improvement of producers’ livelihoods in less developed countries of tropical regions. Multi-species fishponds improve the efficiency of nutrient use. Adapted management of nutrients flows between fishpond, livestock and crops in mixed farming systems and decreases the need for feed, reduces environmental pollution and improves the producers’ income. Most important, increasing the surface area within the pond by using, e.g., bamboo sticks enhances the availability of natural food and triples fishpond productivity without additional feed.

Category: Water