Submitted by: Bodensee-Stiftung Internationale Stiftung für Natur und Kultur
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Ecological Land Use Planning at Lake Constance

The international Lake Constance Region represents precious nature and cultural landscape, quality of life, and the protection of the drinking water for 4.5 million people. For communities around Lake Constance, this means careful dealing with natural resources, especially with the finite resource soil. In cooperation with the cities of Constance, Überlingen and Dornbirn and the community of Wolfurt, the Lake Constance Foundation developed a pilot scheme which targets the environmentally friendly regional planning policy and the ecologically oriented construction supervision planning. ECOLUP (Ecological Land Use Planning) is about using the environmental management system EMAS II for planning processes of the construction supervision. ECOLUP was awarded one of the 24 best EU LIFE environmental projects (2004-2005)

Category: Earth