Submitted by: Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute
Implemented country: India
Title: Solar Energy Augmented Food-Vending Carts

The proposed project on “Solar Energy Augmented Food Vending Cart” seeks to enhance the economic appeal of roadside food vending carts, conserve conventional fuels, widen opportunities for gainful employment of youth, improve the supplies of safe drinking water to masses, and enhance comfort levels of vendors by integrating a multi-purpose solar oven for pre-cooking or cooking fast food, solar disinfector for disinfecting drinking water using concentrated solar radiation, and solar photovoltaic lamps for lighting and mini-fans for vendor comfort based on the lessons learned from the working prototypes of solar energy devices already developed by CSMCRI, Bhavnagar, Gujarat (India). This project will help utilize solar thermal and solar photovoltaic energy for pre-cooking food, disinfecting drinking water, lighting and comfort cooling of vendors for about eight months in a year. Based on the successful demonstration in Bhavnagar, this project can be replicated in every city and village globally as food vending carts are ubiquitous.

Category: Fire