Submitted by: The Andalusian Ministry for the Environment
Implemented country: Spain
Title: Promotion of Composting in Andalusia

For years the Andalusian Environmental Ministry (Spain) has supported the recycling of solid organic waste by composting. The ministry supports quality compost production and its use through various consecutive, ongoing projects. These projects took root in 1998 as a research and development project supported by ERDF. Subsequently the government was granted funds to conduct an award-winning LIFE Environment project for composting and compost application. These actions have produced a demand for reliable information regarding compost as well as a necessity to centralize efforts to control quality production and application. As a result, the Compost Office in Seville, Spain was created to maintain service to the community and continue projects that aid firms to produce quality compost, farmers to apply the product and residents to practice home composting. These efforts are backed by Regional Waste Management Plans that reflect the National Plan and the European Directives.

Category: Earth