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Submitted by: fechnerMEDIA GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Energy Autonomy - The Key to Survival

The movie “Energy Autonomy – The Key to Survival” shows 100 minutes of truth about the predominating world crises and the solutions. Energy reformers from all over the world are prepared to fight for the future’s energy supply. The key to survival is energy autonomy. This means replacing all nuclear and atomic energy with renewable energy. Following a peripheral and independent basic approach, this documentary movie is financed jointly. With the purchase of a building block, institutions, entrepreneurs, multipliers and private persons get a share in the film and become part of a global movement that campaigns here and now for an energy turning point and disseminates the idea of energy autonomy. The community’s website is used for information exchange on forward-looking projects and the presentation of sponsors, who can promote themselves with a logo, a statement and a link to their own website.

Category: Fire