National Energy Globe Award Iceland (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Iceland New Energy
Implemented country: Iceland
Title: Clean energy from hot springs in Iceland

Currently hydrogen technologies like fuel cells are gaining more and more importance, because they are a CO2 emission free and portable energy solution. The overall objective of the hydrogen pilot program being conducted in Iceland is see if it is possible to make the country independent of imported fossil fuels by running all sectors of the society only on renewable energy. The energy chain would then nearly be CO2 free, because domestic geothermal and hydro-powered energy sources would feed the national electricity grid, which would then be used to produce hydrogen by electrolysis from fresh water. ECTOS (2001-2005) demonstrated the state-of-the-art hydrogen technology by running 3 busses of the public transport system with fuel cells in the capital Reykjavík. A hydrogen fuel station has been in operation since 2003 and delivers hydrogen to the fuel cell buses. The plan is to test a fleet of personal vehicles before 2010. The project impressively shows how a country can become more independent from mineral oil.

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