National Energy Globe Award United Kingdom (overall winner)

Submitted by: Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Implemented country: United Kingdom
Title: BIOMAN Removes Toxic Metals from Contaminated Water

The BIOMAN project uses the waste product from the alginate production industry to remove toxic metals from the contaminated water that flows from abandoned metal mines. More than 500,000 tons of seaweed is processed each year in facilities across the world for the production of alginates, which are additives for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Thereby a large quantity of waste is produced that is composed mainly of cell wall material and is of no commercial value. However, the cellulose-rich waste product has the ability to absorb toxic metals from solutions. This project exploits this property of the waste product in the design and construction of simple, low-technology filter systems to remove harmful/toxic metals from contaminated mine water flowing from abandoned metal mines.

Category: Water