Submitted by: Institute Texas A&M University C. Allen Jones
Implemented country: United States
Title: Range Revegetation Pilot Project, Fort Hood, Texas

The Range Revegetation Pilot Project, Fort Hood, Texas is demonstrating and evaluating the use of composted dairy manure as a soil additive to help recondition the training lands of the U.S. Army’s largest heavy maneuver training installation. Training by the fort’s two armored divisions over 60 years has seriously eroded and compacted the soil and stripped the land of its sediment retention capabilities. The composted dairy manure adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil, which helps to increases plant growth and reduces erosion, thus restoring the training lands. These training lands are essential for the military preparedness of the nation’s military. The project is importing composted dairy manure from the North Bosque River Watershed, where too much phosphorus from dairy manure runoff is impairing that watershed.

Category: Earth