Submitted by: ISEO International Sustainable Energy Organization
Implemented country: Switzerland
Title: Global Energy Charter for Sustainable Development

ISEO is one of the most important UN agencies. It is interlinked with many other UN agencies and the hundreds of NGOs directly or indirectly dealing with energy matters and helping to contribute for a conservation of resources and to bring biosphere and climate back to a natural balance. ISEA strives to accelerate the application of clean energies by: • inviting experts to participate in the global network • helping with efficient financing tools and mechanisms • promoting education and training for a sustainable development • Enhancement of Energy standardization (ISO, IEC, EN, etc). • facilitating complete statistics and forecasts with regard to the whole energy mix • disseminating the Global Energy Charter for Sustainable Development • operates a clearing house mechanism for project proposals • supporting the development of national & regional policies / regulations • issuing the “Blueprint for the Clean, Sustainable Energy Age” • operating the Internet portal

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