Submitted by: AEE - Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Campaign to Promote Solar Energy in Austria

In the context of the “Save with the Sun” project, road shows and exhibitions were organized in several cities in Eastern Styria (Austria), where visitors were able to inform themselves about solar energy. Congresses and exhibitions on “Heating with the sun” and “Solar facilities for multi-family dwellings” were held in Gleisdorf and Graz. Additionally, consultation on this topic was offered at fairs. A specially developed solar calculator makes it easier to choose the optimum size of the solar device, to determine the state subsidy, as well as the savings on energy costs per year. All together over 1900 visitors and 400 architects attended the road shows. Over the course of the fairs more than 45,000 persons got in touch with the solar campaign.

Category: Fire