Submitted by: SAE - Servizio di Ateneo per l´Energia (University Energy Management Office) - Univerity of Rome "La
Implemented country: Italy
Title: Environmental Sustainability for a Green University

The project is devoted to promoting the sensibility of the energetic issues through educational initiatives and realizing demonstrative plants based on renewable energy sources. The implementation of a formative program for approximately 50,000 students includes 1-2 credits for the incoming students of the 21 different departments; the program foresees the use of an e-learning platform and includes 10 annual courses for each department. From the application side, the program “Energy for La Sapienza” of the energy management office of the university foresees the realization of eight energy islands in the university town, each of them using renewable energy sources. In order to conduct this program, a funding of the Italian Environment Ministry will be used for the first step (a 100 kW micro-turbine coupled with an exhaust absorption machine). Over the next two years the program includes an endothermic cogeneration system, thermal and photovoltaic solar systems, and a hydrogen fuel cell application.

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