Implemented country: Nepal
Title: The Electro-Bus for Clean Air

Kathmandu’s air is one of the most polluted in the world. The city is located in a compact valley with mountain ranges to the north and south, and air pollution becomes trapped between them, accumulating to very unhealthy levels. Although Kathmandu has more than 600 electric three-wheelers, there are no battery-operated four wheelers. Over the past few years Himalayan Light Foundation (HLF) has been working on the development of three electro-bus prototypes and has now unveiled its new model. The first such bus reached the streets of Kathmandu a few years ago, but in the end there were some technical problems with the motor. The new version, Electro-Bus II, can carry a payload of 1500 kg and can travel at a speed of 50 km per hour on flat terrain. The project aims to provide an alternative to mid-range transportation for various purposes and to remove commercial entry barriers to this appropriate zero-emission transportation.

Category: Air