Submitted by: ONG Freres des Saint Gabriel
Implemented country: Madagascar
Title: Household Ovens and Fuels as Alternatives to Charcoal in Madagascar

Madagascar is the fourth largest island of the world and is unique in flora and fauna. The former rain forests are rapidly disappearing due to the deforestation. The contradictions of natural wealth and economical poverty of the population are due to the lack of education and know-how in utilizing the natural resources efficiently. Empowering the rural and urban Malagasy population, particularly the youth, with alternative fuels and ovens will bring in economic, environmental and health benefits to the local population. The project shall introduce fuel-efficient ceramic gas ovens that use specially prepared compressed sawdust balls for burning. These stoves and ovens and their fuels will be locally produced. The women’s association will be trained to produce these ovens as well as the compressed saw dust balls, which are mixed with the clay. This alternative oven and the fuel will enormously reduce the consumption of the charcoal and the burning of the trees to prepare the charcoal for burning.

Category: Fire