National Energy Globe Award Finland (overall winner)

Submitted by: Three Finnish environmental NGOs (Friends of the Earth Finland, Dodo and Nature League) and a Youth
Implemented country: Finland
Title: Climate Change and Energy Information Project in Finland

Ilmari, a climate change and energy information project, aims to enlighten middle, secondary and high school students and teachers about climate change and their role as human beings; young people shall be involved in conversations and receive support in their projects. During three years, there have been over 550 school visits all over Finland. 12,000 students have heard about their issues and there has been training for a hundred volunteer climate envoys. According to the evaluation report in spring 2005, school visits have been successful in strengthening young people’s awareness. 38% of secondary school students and 18% of middle school students have become more aware about the climate situation. Half of the students considered themselves to be informed enough to work against the climate change. Since then, experiences from this project have been used in other school visiting projects due to the successful concept of Ilmari and how NGOs work together.

Category: Youth