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Submitted by: Fundacion EcoAndina
Implemented country: Argentina
Title: Improvement of Living and Environmental Conditions in Argentinean Highlands

In the Argentinean highlands, called Puna, with an average altitude of 3700 m, the climate is quite extreme. The whole year is extraordinary arid. Average solar radiation is about 6-7 kWh/m²/d and therefore one of the highest on earth. This suggests producing energy through solar power to improve the living standard of residents and to relieve the environment, which is stressed by withdrawal of solid fuel and by livestock farming. The aim of the project is to disseminate proven solar energy for cooking, heating, hot water generation and irrigation and to make it accessible to the local community. A perennial project was proposed at BMZ (Ministry of Cooperation, Germany). Through this integral concept and the local production of the equipment, sustainability and dispersal of the project is assured.

Category: Fire