Submitted by: Chelan County Public Utility District
Implemented country: United States
Title: Sustainable Natural Alternative Power

The aim of the Sustainable Natural Alternative Power (SNAP) program is to make regional solar and small wind projects cost-effective. SNAP brings sustainable power to the community without relying on unsustainable rebate programs. It uses free-market principles and efficient systems, with very little administrative costs. Chelan County Public District’s (Washington, USA) pioneering approach to generating solar power received the Innovation Award at the 2003 American Solar Energy Society’s annual meeting. Its innovation is the combination of Germany’s proven performance-based approach with free-market supply-and-demand principles to make solar cost-effective. It brings individuals who want to produce solar power together with individuals who want to buy solar power. 41 solar panels, 3 wind turbines and 1 small hydro-power plant were supported, which pushed Washington within 3 years in the nationwide “State Photovoltaic Market Analysis” from the 50th to the 6th place.

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