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National Energy Globe Award Slovenia (overall winner)

Submitted by: KG Rakican- EKOTEH d.o.o./ Matjaz Duric, dir
Implemented country: Slovenia
Title: Innovative System to Use By-Products for Sustainable Energy Production

The purpose of the biogas power plant Nemšcak is to use the by-products of vertically organized production companies in order to transform them and use them for sustainable energy purposes. Planning commenced according to all relevant environmental regulations and standards and now presents a technological update of the existing purifying system for manure occurring as a by-product of farm activities. With the new plant, both treatment and energy efficiency were improved and the whole process in its complexity is absolutely novel at least in Europe. Wastes that occur during various production cycles are animal by-products, grown green biomass from the fields, and pig manure. Exact mixture of these substances builds the raw materials for the anaerobic decomposition process. The main product, biogas, is used in two combined heat and power units whose estimated power output averages 24.000 kWh per day. Almost all produced heat it is being used, mainly for the heating composting units and for farm needs.

Category: Fire