National Energy Globe Award Indonesia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Yayasan Pelangi Indonesia
Implemented country: Indonesia
Title: Energy Efficiency to Increase Hotel Competitiveness

The economic decline since the late 1990s, the increase of energy prices, and security issues have had a detrimental effect on the hotel industry in Indonesia. Many have been forced to close, while others must reduce expenses, which tends to lower their competitiveness. Less energy use would help hotels run more efficiently since energy constitutes 25% of expenses. However, there is a perception widely held by hotel owners and managers that high use of energy is tolerable to provide excellent service. They also perceive that being energy efficient requires a large sum of money, hence is not worth the investment. The Energy Efficiency Project implemented by Pelangi Indonesia and the Alliance to Save Energy, supported by US-AEP, have overcome such misperceptions. Three pilot hotels have reduced energy consumption with minimal investment without compromising the quality of service. Successes at the pilot hotels are now being disseminated through a hotel network established by the project. Continuous replication is facilitated through distribution of a guidebook developed from experiences with the pilot hotels.

Category: Fire