National Energy Globe Award Argentina (overall winner)

Submitted by: Fundacion Ambiente, Cultura y Desarrollo - ACUDE (Environment, Culture and Development Foundation)
Implemented country: Argentina
Title: Working through Argentine Schools for a Sustainable Society

ACUDE (Environment, Culture and Development Foundation) is a non-profit organization in Argentina whose main activity is the Educar Forestando Program. The overall objective is to work through the school system to develop and strengthen human values in children and adolescents that lead to a sustainable society, by means of training teachers. The main achievement is to generate an attitude of respect toward the environment and other human beings among students and teachers from kindergarten and primary school. Since 1990 the program had involved over 117,000 children and hundred of teachers have been trained; more than 850 institutions and 500 communities have taken part in the initiative, half a million trees have been grown in school tree nurseries, over 200,000 trees have been planted, a handbook for teachers and seven booklets for children have been developed. With all these measures, the program has become the largest environmental education program in Argentina.

Category: Youth