Submitted by: INETI (National Institute of Engeneering, Technology and Innovation)
Implemented country: Portugal
Title: Clean and Recycle Residual Water from Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants

The project was designed to demonstrate the use of new technologies to recycle water from waste water treatment plants (WWTPs and to improve the environmental sustainability of the Mondego Lower Basin and estuary (Portugal). The introduced technologies included the cleaning of wastewater with a membrane bioreactor for the removal of particles (bacteria and viruses) and the use of a photoreactor for economic effluent water polishing. The photoreactor is used as tertiary treatment and is a low-cost system in which micro-algae use up the minerals in the water and so avoid their overload in the water (eutrophication). To facilitate the monitoring and supervision of the quality of the water that enters the natural system, an integrated remote system was designed to improve the efficiency of the WWTPs and to ensure a continuous and in real-time analysis of the water quality. These innovative technologies ensure economic and environmental sustainability of the protected areas of the Mondego Lower Basin.

Category: Water