National Energy Globe Award Tajikistan (overall winner)

Submitted by: NGO "Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives"
Implemented country: Tajikistan
Title: Dushanbe City Program of Ecological Management

The project was initiated by the Tajik NGO “Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives” (FSCI) and implemented jointly with city administration of Dushanbe (Tajikistan). The goal of the project was to improve the management system of top-priority social-environmental issues of Dushanbe city. The project was introduced in accordance with the agreements of World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg 2002) and Goal 7 “Protect the environment” of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Efforts of many stakeholders, including those of state officials, independent experts, scholars, NGOs and the population, were combined to achieve better management of the top priorities and to develop an optimal activity plan for the environmental management in the city. The developed program promoted other related projects, such as “Sustainable transport management”, “Solid Waste Management”, and several other pilot projects aimed at improving living conditions.

Category: Earth