National Energy Globe Award Brazil (overall winner)

Submitted by: ECO CITIZEN Programme
Implemented country: Brazil
Title: Eco-Citizen Pogramme to recover Macaé River Basin

In 1997 the city government of Macaé (Brazil) funded a multidisciplinary team of professionals coordinated by professor Marielza Cunha Horta to initiate the Eco-Citizen Programme. The purpose was the mobilization of the civil society to protect their environment by means of urban cleanness education to promote responsible consumption. A further goal was to achieve social inclusion and a culture of solidarity. Since the implementation of the Eco-Citizen Programme, the correct utilization of public garbage containers increased by 70%, and the population’s reuse of plastic items increased by 30%. The project reduced the production of garbage per day in streets, at sea shores, in the airport district and in other public places. The “Macaé River Preserve – Action by All” project is focused on civil society participation to raise awareness and provoke a critical vision of the existing social and environmental reality. The project highlights positive environmental education values, integrates and enhances community participation, and promotes the understanding of how one’s behaviour and attitudes impact on the environment.

Category: Water