National Energy Globe Award El Salvador (overall winner)

Submitted by: Asociación de Desarrollo Comunal colonia la Barra (ADESCOLAB)
Implemented country: El Salvador
Title: Photovoltaic for Power and Irrigation

The first objective is to replace the existing fossil-fuel based power generator that provides 2.5 hours of electricity a day with a 24-hour photovoltaic plant. This enables full-time indoor lighting, a reduction of CO2 emissions, and a reduction of improper battery disposal related to battery-powered TVs and radios. The second goal is the implementation of a photovoltaic micro-system to power water pumps for irrigation of land and supplant the gasoline-based systems; this will reduce noise, air pollution and gasoline consumption. Finally, the project foresees the establishment of improved stove systems that reduce the domestic firewood consumption by using fast-growing and nitrogen-reducing woodlots. This measure achieves a firewood savings of up to 50% in addition to social effects.

Category: Fire