National Energy Globe Award Guinea (overall winner)

Submitted by: Direction Nationale de l´Energie/Ministere Hydraulique-Energie
Implemented country: Guinea
Title: A National Energy Center for Guinea

The National Energy Center in Guinea was established in 1992 with the goal of creating a suitable framework for supporting local technologies related to renewable energy, such as solar, wind, biomass, and hydropower plants. The Center covers an area of 1.16 hectares and is located at the periphery of Conakry, which is not part of the public grid. Therefore, bilateral cooperation agreements were signed with China and with the EU to jointly work on technologies for biomass, biogas and wind power, including all necessary documentation from initial conception to maintenance.

These technologies are used for educational purposes because Guinea would like to train more environmental engineers. In view of the many favorable evaluation responses, the government has now decided to expand the Center’s engineering and technological capacities. Additional goals are: the installation of a solar cell system, solar-powered water pumps as well as the replacing all old and outdated units. The Center supplies its own needs with power and drinking water, which will also help people living in surrounding areas through providing irrigation for small gardens and crafts centers for additional income through sales at the local market.

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