Submitted by: S.O.L.I.D Solarinstallation & Desgin GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Solar District Heating Plant for the City of Graz

This project is about the concept to partly provide a city like Graz (Austria) with eco-friendly solar energy. This idea has both economical and ecological advantages that benefit the whole region. Therefore in 2001 the first concepts were developed concerning the application of large solar plants in the range of district heating feed. The result was the large solar plant at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium in Graz with an area of 1407m². Meanwhile there are three facilities that are partly installed or still are under construction. The overall solar panel area totals 9907 m² and feeds around 4098 MWh of solar heat into the local district heating network of Graz. Through amounts to approximately 1025 tons CO2 savings.

Category: Fire