National Energy Globe Award Panama (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Clement Energy Corp
Implemented country: Panama
Title: Turning a second-hand engine into a magnetic generator

There is a great deal of potential for small scale water or wind power plants in the poor countries of the world, which could guarantee the local power supply. However, often the needed funds are missing. The main objective of the project was to convert new or used induction motors into low cost power generator – a brilliant concept considering that such engines are integrated in machinery around the world and are partly unused. The machines are specially designed for low rotational speeds allowing the possibility of interconnecting these generators to wind power plants and water plants. Compared to commonly available generators, the modification costs are approx. 15% of a new acquisition. They are specially designed for generating electricity under difficult conditions and situations and provide a cheap alternative in poor regions of the world.

Category: Fire