Submitted by: Roediger Vacuum GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Environmental Sludge Drying and Thermal Recycling

As sludge ranks as risky material, the producing industries of nourishments and animal food want the fertilization with sludge to be stopped. Communities that want to dispose of their sludge thermally now have new opportunities through future-oriented energy systems. In a solar hothouse with floor heating, even greater amounts of sludge can be dried cost-efficiently. The required waste heat comes from biomass plants or other power plants. The final product of the drying is a blowable, biogenous combustible. With its heat value of 2500-3000 kWh per ton, this combustible provides a substitute for coal in coal-fired power stations and cement works. A ton of dried sludge is equal to about 1 ton of raw brown coal or 0.36 tons of black coal and prevents the emission of 1 ton of CO2. In this way we can contribute to an energy turning point and climate protection with the community’s sludge.

Category: Air