Submitted by: AkayConsult
Implemented country: Malaysia
Title: Solar Kettle Thermos Flask

The Solar Kettle Thermos Flask has two functions: it can boil water within 2 hours under suitable conditions, and it keeps water warm overnight with a loss of not more than 5° C when corked. The thermos consists of a Pyrex glass tube, 2 black layers on the outside of the inner tube; sunlight is converted to heat, and a vacuum chamber prevents thermal energy from escaping; a cork stopper closes the unit. The cooker is a closed tube that is put in the sun; when the tube starts to emit steam (sound), the heated water is ready for use. Assuming that water at 25° C is used under a clear sky, within 2 hours the water can reach 65° C, the temperature required for pasteurization. The tube can be carried and disseminated easily. It is available in a carrying bag. On orders of 1000 pieces, the thermos costs US$ 2 and in combination with kettle US$ 5.

Category: Water