Submitted by: Portland Department of Transportation
Implemented country: United States
Title: Mobile Solar Generator for Service Trucks

When a parking meter truck and its crew had to fix the meters and/or poles, the crew had to keep their truck engine running and/or fire up an FFG (fossil fuel generator). Through a partnership initiative of the city of Portland (Oregon, USA) with the Office of Transportation and Portland General Electric, a 2500 watt mobile solar generator (MSG) was engineered, designed and installed in one of the city's parking meter repair trucks. It is the nation’s first such truck. The emissions of the idling truck (which still had to run) had been a concern for the operators, who suffered from headaches when the job required them to stay at one work site for longer than normal (due to the need to have the truck and its equipment in close proximity to the work site and for traffic control safety). Furthermore, the operation created noise pollution as well as air pollution. The MSG operates 24 hours/day, 7days/week and 364 days/a year and provides a cost-effective way to reduce CO2 emissions through the use of renewable solar technology.

Category: Air