National Energy Globe Award Mauritania (overall winner)

Submitted by: Societe Mauritanienne des energies regeneratvies (somer)
Implemented country: Mauritania
Title: Solar Irrigation Project for Rural People in Mauritania

The project aims to replace 1000 diesel pumps with 100 small solar pumping systems with 2 to 5 m3/day throughput (local irradiation 6 kwh/m2/day) by introducing a small-scale irrigation drip system to reduce the large water quantities that man pumps with thermal pump engines, leading to desertification in many areas and bad crops. Old pumps badly effect water and soil. A pilot project will launch in Atar district’s oasis Tawaz (later also in Mader, Tayarett, etc.) north of Mauritania. Other income-generating and community support applications powered by solar energy will be investigated and demonstrated in the pilot project, which will be set up first in Tawaz. Atar district is hardly connected to the public electricity grid. 80% of the population in Atar district are farmers. Rainfall is limited to the three months of rainy season and is the only source of water. Proper irrigation has been impossible due to a lack of energy. The impact of the project will be food security, cultivation of livestock, better nutrition through fresh vegetables, surplus income by enabling farmer to sale surplus food, especially for women. The anticipated budget is €350,000 for the whole project.

Category: Fire