Submitted by: Gould Group
Implemented country: Australia
Title: Community Recycling in Australian Schools

In the past 2 years, Victorian charities have been forced to remove 300 charity recycling bins because people use them as sites to dump rubbish ($1 million loss for charities, 50 full-time jobs gone and 1500 tons of material dumped as landfill). Gould Group saw a solution: enterprise schools where schools act as secure community sites for collecting donated goods. Five schools are now operating student-led community reuse/recycling ventures that contribute to an effective charitable goods donation processes, divert waste from landfills, potentially raise money for the school (by selling the sorted goods to charities, who use the goods for secondhand shops) and provide invaluable vocational training for students between 12 and 15 with very different backgrounds (one of the schools has 600 students who are all first or second generation Australians with limited English knowledge). A pilot of the project is managed by the leading Australian environmental education organization, Gould Group, with funding from the Australian government.

Category: Youth