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National Energy Globe Award Australia (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Gould Group
Implemented country: Australia
Title: Waste Wise schools program – winning the war against waste

The “Waste Wise schools program“ should help schools operate a wise and sustainable waste management. Already during school years the students are advised on handling our resources in the right way. A further benefit is that the children are able to apply their knowledge at home. Parents are involved in the program through this environmental “education” coming from their kids. Meanwhile the program has been implemented nationwide and the results are outstanding. The waste produced by the schools have been reduced by 95% and through minimized waste disposal costs the school budgets benefited as well. The communities also benefit from the communities as the money saved can be used for other things. The program is based on a comprehensive approach including teaching material, advanced education for the teaching staff, bonding of experts, a website for the distribution of information, a certification system and the evaluation through a public committee. Over 1200 schools are participating in the program and over 1500 teachers have been trained. Since its inception the production of over 28,000 tons of waste have been avoided. The Gould Group, the leading Australian organization for environmental education and sustainability, implemented the project.

Category: Youth