National Energy Globe Award Cyprus (overall winner)

Submitted by: AGD Solar Trading LTD and Dagsan Solar sistemleri
Implemented country: Cyprus
Title: First Zero Energy House in Northern Cyprus

Poor building quality, frequent water and electricity failures, and rising energy prices necessitate new building strategies in Cyprus. In the development of a zero-energy house prototype for Cyprus, the biggest problem was the adaptation of thermal behavior to the Mediterranean climate. The implementation involves the house not facing directly north-south, the application of local building materials, insolation to 29 kw/h/m2/year (plastic foil, styrofoam), a wooden roof insulated with fiberglass, roof sealing with bitumen PP300, ceiling and inside walls insulated with calcium sulfate, floors insulated with foam, 40 m geothermal heat pump to cover heating and cooling needs, and solar energy for hot water. A photovoltaic standalone system brings additional electricity. A chemical-free water purification system for the pool backwashes water to the garden. The prototype cost only 39% more than a conventional house. Over a lifetime of 20 years, energy worth €93,000 can be saved. Application is possible in all areas with similar climate conditions.

Category: Earth