National Energy Globe Award Spain (overall winner)

Submitted by: CESPA Gestion de Residuos S.A.
Implemented country: Spain
Title: Energy Recovery from Landfill Biogas

The geographic proximity of the Can Mata landfill site in Barcelona and the Cerámica Pierola factory has enabled the two companies to conduct a pioneering project in Spain and one of the first experiments of this kind in Europe: the energy recovery of biogas by using biogas in ceramic manufacture process as an energy source. This project allowed both companies to reduce the environmental effect of their activities via the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the reduction of fossil fuel consumption. At maximum biogas production in the landfill, 60% of the biogas can be utilized in the industrial process, and a reduction from 100% fossil fuels to 32% fossil fuels consumed in the ceramic factory is foreseen.

Category: Fire