Submitted by: IZVOR - Institute for land and water management research on behalf of and in cooperation with Sloven
Implemented country: Slovenia
Title: Development of National Strategy for Combatting Drought

Since 1983 Slovenia has struggled with extremely dry periods during the summer. 2003 was an extreme example of drought with 52 days when temperatures were over 30° C. Drought, bad crops and water shortage were the result. Estimated damages amounted to about €105 million. The newly established Slovenian Committee on Drought wants to develop an early warning system as well as the basis for strategies and measures to fight drought in the most affected regions of the country. The following activities were started: determine weather patterns, develop maps for most-threatened regions, evolve water-balance models, set specific action programs in agriculture and forestry, extend already existing irrigation schemes, etc. This model is not only for local and regional but also for international application. Costs and benefits of the program pay off compared to the damages, which require massive investments.

Category: Water