Submitted by: Ecoclubes de Costa Rica
Implemented country: Costa Rica
Title: Ecoclubs as Youthful Contribution for a Sustainable World

Ecoclubs are democratic civic organizations composed of children and youths that interact with other community institutions to work towards the improvement in the quality of life of the population. In a joint effort with other institutions, their public awareness campaigns utilize participatory strategies searching for neighbors’ involvement in the implementation of proposals that may be evaluated in a practical manner and that are characterized by their support. Local specialists and technicians are invited to provide education and training through courses, talks, seminars, workshops, etc. Community activities are organized with the aim of raising awareness. Participants exchange paper, glass and plastic for fertilizer and plants; they go to people’s houses, hold exhibitions, organize plays, give puppet shows for children, plant trees, etc. They use both the traditional media (radio, television, newspapers and magazines) and self-managed and organized means of communicating their message and proposals (local leaflet distribution, posters, parades) to inform the community. All this is done with the aim of motivating them to implement planned actions that help to improve people’s quality of life.

Category: Youth