Submitted by: Corcovado Foundation Lon Wiling Ramsey Jr.
Implemented country: Costa Rica
Title: Promoting Sustainable Tourism to Conserve Biodiversity in Costa Rica

This project intends to promote best practice among hoteliers and other tourism-related companies in Costa Rica, as well as to substitute non-environmental activities in fragile forested areas with sustainable friendly economical activities. The Corcovado Foundation has introduced the topic of best practice through several workshops and seminars directed at hotel managers and hotel staff to help them learn and implement environmentally friendly operations. The main objective of the workshops is to create awareness of how hoteliers can diminish their negative impact on the environment and improve responsible practices towards the community and their environment. In order to substitute non-environmentally friendly activities in fragile natural areas, landowners in highly forested lands will be identified and provided with business training and financial assistance to develop new sustainable economical activities.

Category: Earth